Shift Arm Spring

Shift arm spring located inside Whirlpool / Kenmore belt drive transmissions. 

Replaces 16015



Spring Seal Package

Used inside belt drive Whirlpool / Kenmore transmissions to seal main shaft

Replaces LP925, 92814K, 92815, & 285672 



Drive Shaft

Oven Main drive shaft used on Whirlpool / Kenmore belt drive transmissions.  Measures 25 " long, end to end.  

Replaces 285036 and LP404



Pinion Shaft

Used in belt drive Whirlpool / Kenmore transmissions.  Large drive pulley attaches to this shaft.

Replaces 84467



Drive Pulley & Set Screw

Main transmission drive pulley.  Cast Iron.  Has narrow groove for 352967 / 96388 belt.

Replaces 89997 and 20010096




Drive Pulley and Set Screw

Main transmission drive pulley.  Cast Iron.  Has wide groove for 95405 belt.

Replaces 360840


Set Screw

Used on both of the above pulleys.


95089                                           Gasket For Transmission Cover     Cork material provides excellent oil seal Replaces 16002 and 95089


Superstructure Spring

Holds brake yoke down and in position.

Replaces 17261, 20055265, and LP912



Brake Yoke Clip

Snaps into hole in yoke to keep one side in position.  Plastic to allow quiet operation.

Replaces 356444


20053657 (or 18642K)

Agitate Cam Bar and Plunger

Agitate Cam Bar & Plunger already installed for quick replacement.

Replaces 18642, 20053657, and LP250

Order 18642 for cam bar without plunger.


20053658 (or 350532K)

Spin Cam Bar and Plunger

Spin Cam Bar with Plunger already installed for quick replacement.

Replaces 350532, 20053658, and LP251

Order 350532 for cam bar without plunger.



Plunger for Wig-Wag

Two used per washer.  Attaches to cam bars.

Replaces 84866


95462 Cam Bar Guide

Plastic sleeve used as guide for cam bar.  

Replaces 95462



Cotton Pin For Plunger 

Two used per washer.  Attaches  cam bars to plungers.

Replaces 90456 and 82-456



Plunger Kit for Wig-Wag

Two used per washer.  Attaches to cam bars.  Contains 84866, 90456, and 95462 in package.

Replaces 350384 and CMK170



Bearing & Seal Package

Centerpost bearing and seal kit for 18# machines using short spin tube.

Replaces LP731 and 285134




Centerpost seal.

Replaces 91938, 99404, and LP631




Oil Seal for Center Post 

Center post oil seal.

Replaces 54209 and LP634




Tall seal from 285134 package above.  Used in centerpost.

Replaces 356934 and LP630




89090 (or 359398)

Bearing for Centerpost

Tall bronze bearing used in centerpost.  

Replaces 89090 and 359398



Bearing for Centerpost

Short bronze bearing used in centerpost.

Replaces 354195, 354196 and 359397



Bearing and Seal Package

Used on full size models that use a long drive tube.

Replaces 99618 and LP730



Bearing and Seal Package

Used on compact models that use a multi-groove belt.

Replaces 285136


383921 (18 " Long)

383928 (13 " Long)

Drive Tube (Spin Tube)

Drive tube for center shaft.

383921 is 18 " long and replaces LP406

383921 is 13 " long and replaces LP408



Shaft Seal

Top shaft lip seal used where main drive shaft exits top of drive tube.

Replaces LP632 and 91939



Secondary Shaft Seal

Shaft seal used where main drive shaft exits drive tube and under 91939.

Replaces 356427


Tub Bolt Package

Package of 4 stainless steel hex-head bolts, 4 stainless steel and 4 rubber washers.  Holds outer tub in place.

Replaces 76673 and LP655



Lower Tub Bolt Seal

Fiber washer used to seal below outer tub. Used with 76673 package above.

Replaces 17235



Tub Seal (Doughnut)

Large tub seal used at top of neck of outer tub to seal against drive tube and drive block.

Replaces LP633, 96690, and 383727



"T" Bearing

Supports basket drive tube on main shaft.

Replaces 350920 and LP319




Snubber pad used at top of cabinet on spring bracket to dampen vibration of tub during spin.

Replaces LP318 and 358336



Foot Pad

Rubber foot pad for metal leveling legs.

Replaces 85114 and LP932


354276 (Red)

96409 (Blue)

Basket Drive Spring

Basket drive springs used to provide proper tension on clutch drive plate.  Four per machine.

Replaces 96409 and 354276


96568 Agitator Cap Seal 

Rubber washer used to seal top of agitator cap.  Necessary to hold air bubble under agitator.

Replaces 96568


358430 Agitator Cap Seal

Rubber washer used to seal top of agitator cap.  Necessary to hold air bubble under agitator.

Replaces 358430


20053407 (or 19138)

Motor Mounting Grommet

Rubber grommet used to isolate noise from motor vibration in belt drive washers.

Replaces 19138 and 20053407



Lid Switch & Actuator Package

Lid switch and actuator used on many automatic models.  Also used on dryers.

Replaces 279347 and LP210



Spanner Nut Tool

Used to remove and replace spanner nut at top of outer tub.  Can also be used on Maytag washers.  

Replaces 12393, 12393-1, 38313 and TB123



Centerpost Bearing Tool

(Extra Strong Barbs)

Used to remove and replace bearings in centerpost substructure.



Drive Tube Bearing Tool

Used to remove and replace sleeve bearings in spin tubes.


363633\20102950                                Agitator                                      Standard belt drive agitator. Three vanes and uses HEX drive block. Replaces 363633, 18402, and LP941S
383929                                            Basket Drive                                 Short basket Drive for 18# machines using wide belt (95405). Replaces LP361 and 383929

383931                                        Basket Drive                                      As above 383931 but has a narrow pulley for 96388/352967 V belt.               Replaces 383931                          

383923                                         Basket Drive                                  Long basket drive with wide pulley for 95405                                       Replaces LP360 and 383923              

383922                                       Basket Drive                                     As above 383923 but has narrow pulley for 96388/352967 V belt.            Replaces 383931

89814                                         Control Magnet Package           Complete with plungers and cross pins Replaces LP247 and 89814

84867                                         Control Magnet Only                       Control Magnet without extra pieces of hardware.                                    Replaces LP24 and 84867


3363394                                       Direct Drive Washer Pump              Used on direct drive washers since 1982.                                       Replaces LP116, 3352492, and 3363394
350365                                                Belt Drive Washer Pump                  Two hoses with metal pulley. Matches 95405 notched V belt.                   Replaces LP115 or 352967 V Belt

350365N                                          Belt Drive Washer Pump                        As above but with narrow V metal Pulley. Matches 96388 or 35267 V Belt



350367                                             Belt Drive Washer Pump                    Four Hose model with metal pulley. Matches 35405 notched V Belt            Replaces LP114 and 350367

350367N                                          Belt Drive Washer Pump                     As above but with narrow V metal pulley Matches 96388 or 352967 V Belt

21366                                               Drive Block Nut                         Spanner nut to hold tub securely on drive block. Used on belt drive washer. Replaces 21366 and LP332
96384                                             Drive Block                                      Drive block to support inner basket on belt drive models. Replaces 96384 and LP332




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