A Food Grade Product


Usage and Application

Anti Foam is a water dilutable product designed to control suds in dishwasher and clothes washing machines.  It is a relatively long lasting foam killer formulated to give excellent performance in the appliance repair industries.  Economic, safe, & legal to use.  The product meets FDA regulation 21CFR173.340 which permits the use of Anti Foam in the processing of non-standardized food in the United States.  Where regulation permits, this product complies with United States Department of Agriculture requirements for food processing.  It is a food grade product and does not cause harm to dishes or laundry.

How to use Anti Foam:

For Dishwasher-

For maximum effectiveness, add 1/4 teaspoon into dishwasher and turn the dishwasher on for three minutes.  All the suds will disappear during this time.  Drain the dishwasher and leave the dishwasher running to dissolve all the Anti Foam.  Use of Anti Foam one time is enough to rid all the suds from the machine.

For Clothes Washer-

Add 1/2 teaspoon into the washer and turn on the machine for three minutes.  All the suds will disappear within 30 seconds.  Drain the washer and leave it running to dissolve all the Anti Foam.  One usage is enough to rid the machine of all the suds.




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