Control Knob

DLarge diameter half-moon shaft with set screw for universal replacement.

Replaces 67901H 



Knobs For Electric Ranges


Knob Number



20103954 White


5 2  
20103925 Black 7 5 2  
20103926 Black 4     4
20103929 White 4     4
9751126 Black 1 1    
9751127 White 1 1    
9751128 Black 1   1  
9751129 Black 1     1
9751130 White 1     1
9751131 White 1   1  

Each knob is 1-5/8" in diameter. Each knob has an extension on the back of ⅛". Each knob has a permanent pointer made into it that will never disappear through use. All knobs have a textured finish for a sure grip. These knobs fit many Whirlpool, Inglis, and Admiral Ranges as well as other brands.


Oven Door Handle

For Universal Use

Available in 3/4" diameter material with matching ends.  Simply cut-to-length and mount with screws which are provided.


Handle Ends Only

Set of two which fit above handle.





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